Amanda Cortellesso

Owner / Head Coach / Professional Trainer - specializing in ALL aerial disciplines, tumbling, walking & jumping stilts, Hand to Hand training, Dance, Stretch, Personal Training, Stunt Training & Choreography



Amanda is a former elite gymnast, professional latin dancer & professional aerialist / general "cirque" style performer.

Amanda has performed in many events around the country and internationally.

From huge televised pop culture events such as the VMA's & Ultra Music Festival, America's Got Talent to sporting events like the Orange Bowl, Opening acts for P-Diddy and Will Smith, private parties for Usher, Jamie Foxx, etc., the resume goes on as a fun and exciting read for sure!


Outside of performing, Amanda has offered creative consulting while casting performers for many production companies like Hard Rock, Disney, Universal, etc. While learning and training with some of the most talented and seasoned performers and choreographers of Cirque Du Soleil, Le Reve and many other production companies she built her knowledge and love for the industry as not only a performer but a "teacher".

Amanda decided to share this unique art with the public offering to train those interested in learning how to fly!

She opened the first training school in Orlando FL. Later she opened right here in RI! Arielle is also the first (and only) true aerial training school in RI.

Amanda is thrilled to now have a team of awesome coaches and amazing students who have grown together to enhance their love for the sport/ art of aerial!

The goal in opening Arielle was to share the training of an elite athlete, which is the fitness draw and goal for many of her students. These students simply enjoy the challenges and fun of flying while they enhance their strength and flexibility.

But for those who wish to perform for fun or even aspire to become a professional someday, Amanda can offer the highest level of performance training that is second to none.


and so... Arielle Extreme was born!

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Sherri Ormond

Coach of all levels specializing in aerial fabrics, aerial lyra & dance as well as our Office Manager



Sherri has been taking classes with Arielle Extreme for the past 6 years while also fulfilling the duties of our Office Manager. Before finding her passion of aerial alerts she was a dance teacher for 10 years, a member of the State Ballet of RI and a performer in Walt Disney World. 

Sherri's broad spectrum of professional dance abilities in areas of tap, pointe ballet, jazz, hip hop, etc has made her on the most versatile and mesmerizing of our elite students and she loves to share her abilities and gifts with her students choreographing some of the most fun and creative acts for her performance level students.


She's proudly one of our top coaches coaching all levels of aerial silks and lyra.  Without Sherri and her amazing organizational skills, Arielle would fall apart! The first hello our students receive is usually from Sherri, the rock for everyone here at Arielle!

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Gabby Renzi

Coach in all levels specializing in aerial fabrics, aerial hammock & increased flexibility



Gabby has been doing Arielle for about six years now. She is one of the most elite of our performers who is one of newest budding professional performers as she performed live for over 3,000 people in New Orleans at the classic Baccus exclusive Mardi Gras Event as a Fabric performer!


Gabby is a member of our Advanced Performance Team and one of awesome coaches specializing in aerial fabrics, increased stretch classes and aerial hammock.


Gabby found Arielle through a friend who wanted to try it, after going to one trial class she was completely hooked and never wanted to stop. Arielle has completely changed her life, and in her words "making me a more confident, happy person and giving me something I love. I now have the opportunity to pass this passion and teach!"


 Outside of being an awesome contortionist & Aerialist she is a student at the University of Rhode Island. Currently a double major in Elementary Education and Art. 

Jessica Desautels

Coach Specializing in Beginner & Intermediate aerial lyra & aerial fabrics



Jess first discovered her love of aerial in 2014 when she took a lyra class while visiting a friend on the west coast, and was immediately hooked by the beauty and the challenge of this movement in the air. When she returned home, she knew she had to find a place where she could get her feet off the ground again, and has been training at Arielle Extreme ever since. Although lyra will always be her first love, Jess has had the opportunity to explore and perform on a variety of aerial apparatuses since then, and she also trains regularly in her duo lyra partnership with friend and fellow aerialist, Sherri Ormond. Jess has been honored to transition into a coaching role where she loves having the opportunity to share her passion, guide students on their journeys, and welcome newcomers to the place that she calls home. Students have described Jess as one of the most articulate and inspiring coaches and always wish to come back and work with her again. She brings the 'zen" to Arielle.


When not hanging upside down, Jess is a Designer with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She relishes the idea of taking her creativity beyond her day job and imbuing it into each moment through creative thought and imaginative movement. She’s also a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher. On the rare occasion that she isn’t exploring one of these many creative outlets, you can probably find her appreciating the beauty of the outdoors, either with a good book in hand, or on a brisk walk with her husky, Kita.

Renee Kent

Coach of all levels specializing in aerial fabrics

Renee found Arielle Arts after her second child and was hooked instantly.  Having limited athletic experience prior, she began training on aerial fabric 2-3 times a week in 2014.  She continues training on split fabric and has performed with the Arielle Extreme Performance Team.  She also enjoys training on single point trapeze, cube, hammock, and chains. 

Renee earned her Certified Personal Training credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in 2020. She has a special interest in functional movement and strength and flexibility training specific to aerial work.  Renee has become one of the most talented coaches in our studio working on new skills and dissecting any new skill a student inquires about.  Every class has a creative approach as she truly enjoys watching her students become more confident and independent in their training. Renee is active in the aerial community as she keeps herself current and up to date on changes in the industry, as well as new trends in coaching and skill sets.  Renee's goal as a coach is to make classes fun, accessible and challenging for students of any level.

In her non-Arielle life Renee "folds mountains of laundry, cooks meals that are unappreciated, taxis kids around, and counts the minutes until I can be back at Arielle" - oh and did we mention her amazing sense of humor?

We are so happy to have such a fun, enthusiastic, (hysterical) and talented woman be apart of our team!

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Ian Kent

JR. Coach of Aerial fabrics, aerial straps, aerial rope 



Ian began learning aerial arts at Arielle Extreme when he was 9 years old.  He started on aerial fabric and eventually added partner acrobatics, tumbling and stilt walking. He has performed locally for Arielle Extreme.  

In the 6.5 years since he began, he has studied other circus disciplines in Boston and Vermont such as  juggling and hand balancing. His new favorite aerial apparatuses are aerial rope (corde lisse) and straps. He trains several times a week and continues to travel frequently to expand his skills and circus network.  He has trained with Cirque du Soleil artists and many other professional performers in New England. 

Ian began junior coaching in 2019 and enjoys introducing new people to the sport of aerials  as well as introducing experienced fabric artists to rope and straps. He loves to incorporate fun and challenging strength training in his lessons. 

Ian is available for group fabric lessons (beginner-advanced) and private/small group lessons on rope (beginner-advanced) and straps (beginner).  


Our Arielle team has formed a cohesive unit of coaches who are constantly growing and learning together. They encourage each other to further their abilities & knowledge in the industry by training with other elite coaches and professionals on a consistent basis. 

This enables our coaches to offer the most fun & challenging new ideas for their students. 

They also enjoy training together weekly which helps to keep them inspired and engaged with this most unique and ever evolving sport / art. 

Sharing ideas and creative concepts helps to bring a consistent and exciting curriculum to our Arielle students, to our Arielle family. <3

So, come on in and fly with us today!