Rhode Island's FIRST & ONLY Aerial Training School!

15 years experience
& counting! 

Arielle Extreme is an Aerial & Fitness Training School offering classes & private lessons for children, teens & adults training students for over 15 years! 

Amanda Cortellesso is the founder/owner of

Arielle Extreme.  

Amanda's vision behind creating Arielle Extreme was to share her passion for calisthenic type strength training.

  The program was designed to focus on deep stretch and body alignment while students enjoy the success of mastering any aerial discipline they desire.

Arielle Extreme gives everyone the opportunity to experience a new form of fitness training that's not just fun but highly effective!

 "Arielle Extreme combines athletic training with the artistry of aerial movement to create a unique training experience."

Amanda's aerial program incorporates a variety of strength & stretch techniques from her extensive background in the fitness industry as a professional athlete & performer.

Her particular training style comes from her diverse career as a former elite gymnast, professional Latin dancer, professional aerialist, personal fitness trainer & golf enthusiast. 

Arielle Extreme is committed to offering the most exciting and rewarding training experience that is second to none! 


Come in and fly with us today!

 No Experience Needed!

Beginners through to professionals are welcome!

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"Love It.  I think for me the best part is just getting to be a different person when I get the chance to perform what I've been training.  In real life, I'm always stressed and have too much responsibility, I have to be so serious.  It's a chance to revel in an alter ego! LOL! :)  


                                ~ Katherine Obara 

"I love Arielle!! 

I love the encouraging yet stern coaching.  I really feel I learned so quickly because they help their students to give 100% at all times.  I love that I can feel sexy, strong and beautiful all in the same moment. 

Arielle is an amazing experience I have found NO WHERE ELSE!"


                                        ~ Jodie Bedard