Arielle Extreme is an Aerial/ "Cirque Style" Training School.

Arielle Offers classes & private lesson training in many aerial diciplines for both Children & Adults. 

There is No Experience Needed!

Beginners through to Professional level are welcome. 

Sound On / Off  ⬆️

"Love It.  I think for me the best part is just getting to be a different person when I get the chance to perform what I've been training.  In real life, I'm always stressed and have too much responsibility, I have to be so serious.  It's a chance to revel in an alter ego! LOL! :)  


                                ~ Katherine Obara 

"I love Arielle!! 

I love the encouraging yet stern coaching.  I really feel I learned so quickly because they help their students to give 100% at all times.  I love that I can feel sexy, strong and beautiful all in the same moment. 

Arielle is an amazing experience I have found NO WHERE ELSE!"


                                        ~ Jodie Bedard